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Information for Patients

Need treatment but want to receive care at home?
Torrens Health Hospital in the Home may be right for you.
Torrens Health provides a 24/7 Hospital in the Home service for eligible patients
who would benefit from access to care at home rather than as an inpatient in a hospital.

What kind of treatments are available?

  • Intravenous (IV) infusions eg. antibiotics for cellulitis, respiratory infections
  • Complex wound dressings
  • Pain managment
  • Insulin Dependent Care for Patients

Torrens Health specialist nurses will work with you, and your healthcare provider, to assess your specific care needs and deliver a comprehensive treatment plan in your own home.

Hospital in the Home is arranged by clinical referral only however depending on your individual circumstances, your doctor may be able to refer Hospital in the Home care without the need to commence treatment within a hospital.

Torrens Health’s Hospital in the Home is available exclusively for Allianz Care Australia Overseas Student Health Cover policy holders.

Ask your doctor if you may be suitable for treatment through Torrens Health’s Hospital in the Home program.

Download the referral for discussion with your healthcare provider.
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Torrens Health Hospital in the Home is a new service providing specialist care for patients who may benefit from receiving treatment at home rather than in hospital.

Anyone who has Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) with Allianz Care Australia.

Torrens Health Hospital in the Home is available in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

No, your doctor can refer directly for Hospital in the Home care if you meet the eligibility requirements.

You should seek medical advice or contact emergency services if an ambulance is required.

You would need to discuss this with your treating doctor and Allianz Care Australia.